Our Charter

We are first and foremost about prevention, empowering people to live more active and conscious lifestyles.

Our app is more than your information source to all things amazing, it helps you to go beyond the ideals of prevention, to being, a key avatar (your secret little helper), to powerfully help you and others to access inspiring stroke and heart disease support services or even, to simply answer the call for you to volunteer or contribute your resources, time  and empower your generous assistance.

Where ever you are, in the spectrum of need or capability, we are there to lend you a strategic alliance to work beside and behind you, to support you and be the conduit to enriching & empowering your life. 

We firmly believe in establishing the spring board initiatives, that can tackle the core causes of Cardio-Vascular disease and stroke. Debilitating Strokes, whether large and  or mini ones, go together with Cardio vascular to being one of the biggest disease problems of our society. 

We help you face  the problems of stroke, full and front on, with our certain belief, that we all can singly and together take on a personal level of  responsibility. Especially,  to work for together, in  believing that we can all play a major part in making this disease eminently preventable. 


WHO (the World Healt Organization)  estimates, that even a modest population-wide and simultaneous reduction in blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol and tobacco use, would and more importantly could   halve the incidence of cardiovascular/stroke disease. 




It is for that reason, that we have aligned with  the Quit for life, & partnered with the  food supply Companies, to inspire healthy eating. We even have pursued and pushed to develop a biopic insight in to extending our holistic approach to health  as we promote and ensure the values and the importance of mindfulness, exercise  and stress management.  

It may be as simple, as helping you to reach out to share or open up to your own need, or more, for you to decide to help family, friends, or people compromised with the fallout of dealing with a strokeand or related cardio related disease.

Being visionary

and positive

We look like to look up, knowing we are on sure thing and it for this reason that we aim to partner with support for new work and up skilling vocation experts. We liaise and  deal with the loss of vital speech, and or mobility ,we lead to aspire advanced learning to focus and concentrate on the values for self-worth. esteem and  the merit of companionship and physical support. 


It’s very well to say, that the  treatment, exercise and choices for eating and food sources , go a long way to healing but the most sustaining thing stroke victims need are their own avenues and lines of support to the family , friends and community at large that can powerfully motivate and give them the hope and moreover, the  reasons to push through the negative impacts of their stroke and or cardiovascular disease. 


That is the why we have developed our app to align friends and families to help support your stroke affected friends and more so, to strategically help the stroke impaired themselves, to realize we can be the muscular arm,  the voice and conduit to your team of supporters and people that care about you.


  • There are over  5000 hospitalizations a year in Australia 

  • Billions of dollars approaching $4 Billion dollars in just procuring prescriptions 

  • The problems and size of the  response has to increase massively as Australians Age and sadly become less active and more obese

  • It is for all of us to inspire and increase the ideas of friendly inspiration 

  • It is also critical to the National Economy that we realise the true impact of our own choices, as  the government now commits over $8 billion dollars per year which is a sizeable chunk of our National wealth that could go to the urgent needs of our environment, education and arts communities, 

  • The financial impact of stroke is over $20,000 in direct health costs and $115,000 in total cost



For Us to be always Transparent, Focused, Balanced and Seamlessly Proactive in the Financial Support for:  -


Research, Vision, Education and most importantly the Physical Support for our APP Users, -  dealing with strokes and or Cardiovascular disease. 


Moreover, attending to the critical needs that arise therein & there from, in and around work, home, shopping, mobility, relationships and accommodation. 

“Always there for a solutional pathway to empowered living and healing”.

Where our funds go - 

  • Our system of Administration is tight – we have nominal hard brick rental or physical workspace

  • Our staff are in the most part Voluntary and as we grow and need to perhaps appoint paid position, we give you this undertaking that we will adhere to a strict policy in our Charter. that no Admin CEO or managerial person can earn more than the equivalent of the Mean Australian  Wage as confirmed in the Australian Bureau of Statistics for or on a Pro Rata Basis of for 40 hour per week paid position

  • We guarantee that at no time, in the course of our Charity will we pay a collector or organizational fund manager more than 15% ( and that is including GST)

  • We will from 2020, provide food, shelter, home support in a transparent way with an anonymous receipting system managed on a centralised ledger that has or will have a dual key confirmation, as well,  we intend to  install and implement a new blockchain central ledger to the efficacy of our work, so that we are the cracking edge of compliancy and readiness for help

  • We will always drive insured vehicles, act to the highest standards of probity and moreover operate in and with a current professional indemnity insurance.



Lastly, in covering the merit and the power of our whole enterprise  we aim to support and have a dedicated and aligned research program one  so that a dedicated amount of all of our donations will be apportioned to supporting the scientific  work, and research edifice of  an honorary research Doctor  & or a University  Faculty that is dedicated to advancing cures and strengthening the neural pathways to normalizing life outcomes.

The public can enthuse and nominate but the team of our committee will annually each year on the presentation of the annual financial reports  decide on who that Doctor or University Faculty is.

WE envisage from  2020 on we will  dedicate a fixed proportion of all our income to be distributed to that chosen research entity or body.