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conquer stroke

A positive way to fight back

A stroke happens when blood supply to the brain is interrupted. Blood is carried to the brain by blood vessels called arteries. Blood contains oxygen and important nutrients for your brain cells. Blood may be interrupted or stop moving through an artery, because the artery is blocked (ischaemic stroke) or bursts (haemorrhagic stroke). When brain cells do not get enough oxygen or nutrients, they die. The area of brain damage is called a cerebral infarct.


We are one of Australia's leading stroke charity. We deliver stroke services across Australia, campaign for better stroke care, invest in research and fundraise to expand our reach to as many stroke survivors as possible.

Even though you are now twice as likely to survive a stroke compared to 20 years ago, stroke is still the fourth single largest cause of death in Australia.

We know we need to change how people think about stroke and challenge the myths surrounding it. We push for greater awareness of stroke and its warning signs and campaign for better stroke care.

We believe:

  • strokes can and should be prevented

  • everyone has the right to make the best recovery they can after stroke

  • research has the power to save lives and ensure people make the best recovery they can.

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To donate, download the Stroke Support Awareness Australia APP and help stroke survivors rebuild their lives and regain their independence via our emotional support services.


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